Workshops and trainings

Reading promoters along the education vertical are offered trainings in well-known reading promotion strategies that are established abroad, but are new to the Slovene environment, although they have also been tested here.

“So that reading won’t be all Greek to me”

(Španska vas)

The workshop is organized once per year, normally late in September. The participants first get acquainted with some theoretical background of reading promotion strategies and learn how to distinguish it from the activities connected with books which are not reading promotion strategies.

This is followed by practical work. The participants get in two groups. The first group works with picture books while the other one works with short prose texts. The participants get to know different strategies for working with texts and evaluate them.

Leo, leo

The training for new co-workers is organized once or twice per year, typically in summer. It is carried out for all the participants of LEO, LEO project. The training is practically oriented and based on working with concrete literary texts. The duration is 2-3 hours.

Invite us

The training can also be carried out at your institution. In the first part we explain some theory behind the strategies which is followed by working in two separated groups in which different reading promotion strategies are demonstrated with concrete literary texts.

The duration depends on your wishes, normally the workshops lasts for 4 hours.

To organize a workshop at your institution, please call the following numbers: 01/ 361 6699 and 040/170 492. You can also reach us through e-mail at: or

What the participants who have already attended our trainings said about them:

  • The workshop went by quickly.
  • Keep going!
  • It was nice.
  • We will start using the strategies by tomorrow.
  • I like that everything was practically oriented.
  • Great, entertaining, relaxed, fun.
  • I do not regret attending the workshop!
  • The books presented are awesome!
  • Interesting, it went by quickly.
  • A useful and beneficial workshop (also in class) after a long time.
  • Well done!
  • You are very encouraging and positive. Thank you!
  • I really enjoyed it today!
  • Compliments to all of you!